Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi Foundation

Dr. Modjtahedi foundation accepts applications for interest free student loan for the fall of 2015. Applications should be filed electronically and sent to: drmamodjtahedifoundation@gmail.com Applicants who have less than two years to complete their degree have more chances to receive the loan. Deadline for filing an application is by July 1, 2015. Applicants will be notified by August.

The loan is limited to U.S. persons of Iranian heritage

The foundation has recently prepared three DVD packages about Dr. Modjtahedi and is pleased to announce the sale of these packages in order to help raise funds to assist students.

The minimum donation to receive all three DVD packages is $100

Package 1

  • Dr. Mohammad Ali Modjtahedi's visit to Los Angeles
  • May 23, 1988
  • Gathering of more than 700 Alborz High School Alumni in Los Angeles
  • to honor his lifelong devotion and hard work.
  • (1:52hr)
  • Package 2

  • Honoring Dr. Modjtahedi's 100th birthday in Fanni College, Tehran
  • October 17, 2008
  • Part 1 (1:50hr), Part 2 (1:30hr)
  • Damavandi Digar (Dr. Modjtahedi's place of birth, biography and achievements)
  • Part 3 (0:40hr)
  • Yad-Name (PDF file); A look at his legacy.
  • Part 4 (CD)
  • Package 3

    • Celebrating Dr. Modjtahedi's lifelong achievements
    • April 19, 2009, UCLA, Los Angeles
    • Gathering of more than 350 of his students
    • Part 1(1:23hr), Part 2 (1:09hr)

    100% of the donated fund will go towards the student loan project.

    Student Loan Project

    Help support the Dr. Modjtahedi Student Loan Fund in memory of Dr. Mohammad Ali Modjtahedi. Your donation will help grant loans to support higher education. Donate
    • Loan Committee
    • Loan Advisory Committee
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    • Loan Guidelines
    • Ancient Persians CD cover With your donation receive a DVD informing the public of technical contributions of Iranians to the world's civilization.

      Rostam and Sohrab

      www.dabirifoudation.org proudly announces sponsoring the production of a play, recorded on DVD, of the legendary tragic tales of the ancient tales of Rostam and Sohrab. Half of the revenues generated from the sale of the DVD will be donated to the Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi Foundation for the student loan project. You can purchase the DVD from :