Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi Foundation


The Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi Foundation, established in 2010, believes in supporting the educational institution and has direct involvment in projects defined by the Board of Directors.

The Dr. Modjtahedi Student Loan Fund was set up in 2010 by the board of Directors, in honor of the late Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi, a shining star in the educational system of Iran in the last sixty years. The fund will assist American students of Iranian descent in higher levels of education across North America, consistent with the wishes of Dr. Modjtahedi.

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Rostam and Sohrab

www.dabirifoudation.org proudly announces sponsoring the production of a play, recorded on DVD, of the legendary tragic tales of the ancient tales of Rostam and Sohrab. Half of the revenues generated from the sale of the DVD will be donated to the Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi Foundation for the student loan project.

You can purchase the DVD from :

Student Loan Project

Help support the Dr. Modjtahedi Student Loan Fund in memory of Dr. Mohammad Ali Modjtahedi. Your donation will help grant loans to support higher education.


Ancient Persians CD cover With your donation receive a DVD informing the public of technical contributions of Iranians to the world's civilization.